Reimagine Healthcare with Interpretable AI

We develop advanced artificial intelligence that humans can trust and understand.

Our Research Domains

Interpretable reasoning AI

      Our primary research centers around building methodology, that allows humans to symbiotically work with AI to find rules buried within data. Our models explain the past, present, and future of patients, and provide interpretable probabilistic insights.

        Navigating complex real-world systems

              We develop systems that provide interpretable optimal decision making in complex real-world systems where trial-and-error optimisation is not permissible. Our focus is on systems that scale to massive populations, which continuously learn.


              Our team is applying its research talent to improve RNA sequencing with nanopore technology, and understand how different mutations play a role in emergent health.

                    Why care about interpretable AI?
                          Rapid translation from research to real-world application

                          A cornerstone in our approach is that we want our research to have real-world applicability. From ground zero our researchers work with a secure hybrid cloud infrastructure that enables collaborative rapid prototyping, experimentation, and deployment. Our system allows external data analysts and our researchers to collaborate securely on everything from the data ingest to model deployment, with precise control of where the data resides, and how information flows.

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